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Saturday, February 23, 2013

TUTORIAL ~ Masked in Triplicate

NOTE: you MAY link to this tut.  you MAY print it out for later use offline.  you MAY NOT claim it as yours or take anything else from it.  this tutorial is ©Ruby/Stormlight, written February 22, 2013.

Supplies needed:
-- PSP
-- main tube of choice (I used the artwork of Arthur Crowe.  you MUST have a license to use his work.  visit his site here)
-- drop shadow setting of 2, 3, 50, 3 and color black, except where it indicates a different color is used.
-- THREE masks of choice.  I used masks by Vix, MsKris, and WeeScotsLass.  be sure to choose contrasting masks that can lay on top of each other and all be visible :)
-- font of choice. 

1.  Make a new file 550x550, floodfill white.

2.  Open up your tube.  Create new raster layer and floodfill with a color from it.

3.  Apply your first mask, then merge group.  Give it a name in your layer palette as to the type of mask, i.e. sparklemask if you are using a sparkle/glitter mask.

4.  Create another new raster layer and floodfill with a lighter color from tube.  apply your second mask, then merge group.  Give it a name in your layer palette.

5.  Next go to effects > texture effects > antique mosaic.  In the presets, choose "grid small".  See the screencap below if your PSP doesn't have these:

Do a drop shadow on this mask.  2, 3, 50, 3.  

6.  Create another new raster layer and floodfill with another light color from tube.  apply third mask, then merge group.  Go to effects > artistic effects > hot wax coating and apply it.  Give it a name in your layer palette.

7.  Now arrange your masks to your liking via the layer palette.  Put the largest/densest on the bottom, but regardless of your chosen arrangement, make sure the middle and bottom masks are showing clearly under the top mask.  Here is my chosen arrangement:   

8.  Open your accent/element of choice and paste them onto your file.  If you do not want it to stay in the center, drag it to your location of choice.  Give it the same drop shadow from step five.  In your layer palette, choose blend mode luminance and lower the opacity to 62%.

9.  Let's add your tube now.  Copy and paste it onto your file.  Apply drop shadow and move it over to the left.

10.  make a new raster layer for your name.  Type your name using the text tool and place it where you wish.  Then apply a drop shadow of 3, 3, 95, 2.6 and a contrasting color from your tube.  (i.e. if you used a dark color like I did for your name, make the drop shadow a pale color)

11.  Add a new layer for the appropriate copyright/your watermark and add it in.

12.  Crop out any excess white space if needed, save as png.  

And you are done!  Enjoy your new tag!

 tutorial copyright to Ruby (Stormlight), February 2013.